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Thank you for visiting our Blue Ridge Pet Resort web site.

Our commitment is to provide high quality lodging for your pet that is convenient, comfortable, clean and fun. After all, your dog deserves a vacation too! Before check in please review this important information.


  •  For the comfort and well being of our guest, we will not board : females in heat, puppies younger than three months, any pet found to be aggressive to people or other dogs, destructive dogs or pets with health issues.

  •  You may make your pet's reservations by phone or email. Please reserve early during our busy times, especially summer and holidays.


What to bring...

  • Your pet's vaccination records or titers. Required vaccinations are DHLPP, Bordetella and Rabies. All vaccinations must be current in the calendar year and given at least one week prior to boarding.

  • We will administer medications for your pet. You must provide medications clearly labeled with the pet's name and dosage requirements. An additional fee will be charged for this service.

  • We do not provide food for our guests, we request you bring your pet's regular diet. We do not accept large bags of food due to storage and handling, bring only enough for his/her stay plus one extra day. All food must be in zip lock bags or air tight containers. Please do not bring a new food or treat for your pet during their stay. While a new treat may sound like a good idea, it could cause stomach upsets.

  • Our guests are welcome to bring bones, toys and clean blankets from home.  Please label all of these items with your pet's first and last name. We do not accept large bean bag type beds due to not being able to launder them should they become soiled, as well as the fact that they take up a lot of floor space in our guests rooms.  We will do all that we can to ensure that your pet's belongings are not damaged or lost, but we are not responsible if they are.

    What we provide....

  • Upon arrival, each guest will be checked for fleas and ticks. Your dog will be bathed, at an additional charge, if any are found.

  • Each guest will be provided with a comfortable, private indoor room, which includes access to a private outdoor patio. Our guest lodgings are cleaned daily and are climate controlled.

  • Luxury suites are available for guests who want a little extra pampering while on vacation. Each suite has a TV for watching dog shows or Animal Planet, a real bed with comfy pillows and a private patio for sun bathing, people watching or just relaxing in a hammock!
  • Some Extras!

  • We offer special one -on-one play time, gourmet snacks, frosty paws ice cream, kong treats and spa baths. Please check our Room Service menu  at check in to choose the special services you would like us to provide for your pet.


  • Our boarding charges begin the day of arrival but there is no charge for the departure day if your pet is picked up during our morning hours. We must charge an addition fee of $50 for any pets arriving or departing during non business hours.


  • We recommend checking in your pet during our morning hours to allow them time to get used to our staff and new surroundings.


  • Before you leave feel free to say goodbye to your pet, but please make it brief. Your pet will pick up on your feelings of sadness or anxiety over leaving them. We want your dog to have a happy and fun stay at Blue Ridge Pet Resort, so please make your goodbye a positive one!


  • If your travel plans change, please contact us immediately so we can ensure your dog and their belonging are ready when you arrive and that we can accommodate other guests who might call for reservations.


  • Full payment is due at check out. We accept cash or checks ( no credit cards ). Long term boarding payments must be made every two weeks.





Send mail to ginavesco@aol.com with questions or comments about this web site.
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